About Us

We build highly usable stuff!

If you are thinking of ways to boost up your business, by holding each and every strand of Information Technology field, then you have reached the right venue,HumanFlow, the one-in-all human resource management software.

Who We Are

HumanFlow has been developed by an energetic, lively and creative team of Gescis Technologies PvtLtd, Technopark, who believes in utilizing technology to the maximum, without compromising on quality and functionality. By implementing the software, you would get access to a well-integrated and multi-tier communication system.

Our Approach

By acting as a wide bridge between human resources management and Information technology, HumanFlow allows the easy automation of various aspects, without the regular complications and issues, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency.


Starting from recruitment to separation, HumanFlow allows to easily integrate with the existing systems and faster deployment rates, with the perfect security platforms and multi-tenant architecture. With a single click, it allows the staff and the senior managers to work together, without even leaving their desks!!

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