Collaborating the Evolving Technologies in Human Resource Management and staying ahead in Competition

Human Flow Dashboard
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September 21, 2016
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October 22, 2016
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Collaborating the Evolving Technologies in Human Resource Management and staying ahead in Competition

Human Flow Dashboard

Today technology has a perfect role in every phase of life, so its role in employee management, wellness and work development is in fact unlimited. The integration in technology and human resource are valued too much, so the investment made on this sector happens to be the best decision in every respect.

Once you evaluate percentage rise in the investment for HR technology, you can trace its future scope that can be beneficial for your organization. Moreover this concept is enhancing the quality in HR and organizations are widely recognizing its value of adding as a prominent factor in overall development of business schemes.

With these modifications running, some of the HR trends are listed below.

Staying Ahead on Performance Modification

Earlier the performance management was really constricted as a mechanism with yearly updating, but now this has shifted as a strong concept that requires daily feedback. The Platform as a Service framework truly provides solution to upgrading the requirement with sole quality. Anyhow main shift on the focus domain is because of the integrated employee oriented model. And definitely the change should happen in the parameters subjected to performance too. Frameworks, providing highly beneficial support to the domain, performance that has been achieved by incorporating 100% authentic data and team engagement in real time. Further, the expectation from the process must cover the satisfaction of both the employees as well as the evaluator at the same time.

Evaluation of Employee Engagement on Real Time

Many surveys have been conducted and the metrics change in the employee evaluation changed from narrow to a wide one. That is, the earlier practice of sticking with single metric point is not active today. The data’s which has always been exempted from the evaluation procedure, can be tapped with future technology as it helps in understanding the employees better. To be more specific we can say that, a positive comment on the social media platform regarding a particular topic leaves the proof for satisfaction. So corresponding to such attributes, many tools are on the evaluation stage that collects feedback and process a reliable indicator. This kind of tool not only helps the employees in registering their complaints but also conveys the message to the organization. Further, this can be an appealing reason for developing a system –interface that serves the due purpose.

An Evolution in Learning Mechanism  

It is transparent that the development that has evolved in people learning procedure has changed a lot over time. The top priorities that capture the user attention are short but informative contents, easily accessible ones and also those can leave a lasting impression on the readers. The learning style does vary from person –to- person, that is some may do learning as a part of their job, virtual learners etc. The transformation from the instructor led training to mechanical adaption has increased so much and therefore a specially designed system that take over the instructor task has become a need for the time.

The Recruitment Process

The big task for mapping the real talent has definitely become too tuff to win, due to the scarcity in talent or with the perfection in bluffing. Anyhow the social platforms like LinkedIn has taken the task and now more than 50% are relying on it as a perfect source for talent acquisition. Even the scope of end-to-end management system based on recruitment is getting prioritized on the promotion line.

Workforce Tracking System

Today the working style has been varying and requires different range of observation. It usually incorporates different spectrum of working schedule, ranging from part-time to full time working system. In such a scenario a working system that agrees time tracking set-up as well as attendance management of the employees has become indispensible. So the evolution of such technology is always under top priorities of the organization.

Tools for Supporting Team Work

It is known that the software is arriving in the domain of employment as a part of functional improvisations. But at the same time, the success of the implementation can be established only if the integration of organization’s software happens without any odds.

The luxurious introduction of the technology in HR is making the field too much trendy on its functions. HR investment has become strategically efficient with critical competition striving in the market.


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