Welcoming the Sessions of 2017 with Profound Changes in Employee Utilization: Data Can Make It

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Welcoming the Sessions of 2017 with Profound Changes in Employee Utilization: Data Can Make It


It is expected to bring changes in the human resource department so frequently, as everyday a new version of technology is making the former outdated. The world is experiencing the suspense array of launches and to the greatest surprise everything switches around the inflow of numerous data.

We know that data have its effect on business patterns and thus it have impacts on evaluating the existing employees, setting the recruitment criteria as well. If the correlation of data went out to be perfect, then the benefits for those who are involved in the business is quite larger.

Now as we have reached the year 2017, the influence of the data on productivity and performance will be greater.

So setting three points that reflects the changes in the field:

1) Effectively focusing on recruitment and employee management based on data

The change will start with over depending on the staff profile of the company and thus diminishing the chance of job description requirement. To be more optimistic, the selection of the profile will be too much centered on employees with high class performance.

The points that value attention include:

  • The qualification of the employees
  • Their positivity on the employment side
  • The years of experience

These points are going to grade the employees from outside the firm. But in the recent development is going to bring changes to the positioning of the current employees of the organization too. In earlier times most of the promotion decisions were based on the personal intuitions and the recommendations from the high power authority. Now, it is being completely switching to the data driven action and so every employee is going to get value depending on the strength of the data driven based on their performance.

The following category will be valued

  • Outperforming staffs
  • Those who has met the production target
  • For those who had brought productive changes to the organization

All such data will be driven based on the actual performance of the employee and not on any kind of personal intuitions. Another thing is that such data will be collected on a stage by stage process and so decision will also be that much authentic. In a way it opens a transparent way for evaluating the employees, integrating both positive and negative qualities. Apart from an evaluation parameter, it is offering the chance for employees to improve and thus presenting an overall organizational growth.

2) Utilizing Analytics for managing employee performance

It is true that no business can flourish without productive employees. In such a competitive market, moving ahead without a strong set of productive employees, will impact the growth of the business negatively.

So in such a scenario most of employers will likely watch their workers behavior in a closer mode. It exposes the creative participation of the employees rather than their skill attributes alone.

Some of the attributes measured include:

  • Are the employees happy with the job?
  • Their level of involvement in the work
  • The things that are keeping them attracted with the company etc.

Analytics will go deep into an employee data, grab the root cause of an issue and of course guide support needed for the employees. It helps in giving solutions to issues that used to remain as chaos for years. Again it exposes the evolution of an employee in an organization, which truly utilizes real data.

Tuning it to customers

Now the rating for the user based apps and customer friendly applications are increasing. This is being explored by the HR departments. The highlight of such app is that it integrates real user experience into the solutions developing. In a way it offers the intuitive element that works beyond a quantifiable level. The digital solutions has been considered as the most effective way for collecting data from various sources and integrating it in a productive mode.

Usually in the beginning digital set of solution was considered as a really tough strategy than it actual is. But time has proven the technical solution worth, through the long term organizational goals. So in a way digital exploration is giving new dimension for satisfying the HR objectives. Like all the past years, 2017 will also witness more productive ideas that go beyond normal business expectations.


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