The Inspiring Power of Employee Performance Evaluation Process and Influence of Latest Technological Integration

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October 1, 2017
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The Inspiring Power of Employee Performance Evaluation Process and Influence of Latest Technological Integration

Performance Evaluation

How can performance evaluation affect the work culture of an organization? Yes, this question persists among the transforming generations. Yet, it is obviously an inspiring process to the employee who works in a multinational culture.

Nowadays management believes that such an evaluation process can help the employee realize their mistakes and work harder for becoming more productive. But still there are companies who conduct the evaluation process less frequently and so the employees are engaged once in a year only. And unfortunately, this kind of evaluation has nothing to do with improving work quality and so it is advised to take the advantage of technological integration to the maximum.

Let us see the advantages of technology integrated work evaluation culture:

  • We know employees today are more advanced with technology. The approach towards work has been transferred from the traditional repetitive work pattern to a well developed working culture. The space of communication has got elaborated and so employee today can communicate much easily with the customers, co-workers. This kind of concept has added bigger points to today’s corporate world. Apart from that in many ways it is winning over the limited space of the traditional culture. Even though goals vary from one organization to another, the ways for tracking the employees have got a richer opportunity with this integration quantifiable metrics.
  • The technology driven evaluation system has been effective in mentoring the employees, regarding the ways of giving and receiving the feedback. Here, the goal has become shifted from the regular ways of managing the talent to exploring the optimal talent. In fact the goal of such an evaluation system is to develop a work force with independent decision making ability, good technology expertise and capability to collaborate easily with technology upgrading. Another positivity of this system is that employee can stay realized about their value in the organization and the trust all nodes are fixing towards them.
  • When the organization imports resources for the employees, it makes a feeling of value within the employees. How they are trusted and the depth of support rendered by the organization to them? It gives them the reason to explore their talent and get the feel of being trusted by the organization. Once the employee realizes their talent and makes the best use of it, obviously the organization will in turn reap the benefit as well.
  • The process of valuing the feedback and then utilizing the coaching process is very effective. It has made the employees realize that taking up the feedback as a source of improvement, has richer power in exploring the talent. The way of administrating coaching process for the employees based on the feedback is much appreciated and it builds up the range of achievement. In many ways a good coach can further advance the confidence as well as trust in the talent of the employees. Here the role of the coach is to interact with the employee individually and in group. Learn their limitation; build up their confidence through providing effective resources and finally keeping them acknowledged about their owned skills.
  • Finally, the earlier system was deeply dependent on the employee involvement. That is feedback system demanded the trouble of employee for filling up the form and manual execution of a lot of data. Now with the technological integration, the base action itself has been shifted to generating more employee resources. Again the earlier feedback system was focused too much on the wrong side of the employees. Moreover, the system is taking any measure to solve it or offer a regular solution. In fact it offers no tools for improving the shortcomings and ultimately the faults remained as such. So the integration of the technology has drastically changed the traditional system, thus allotting larger rooms for working out of the employee shortcomings. It has doubtlessly brought renovation to the traditional business culture.

Anyhow whatever competition exists in the corporate world, learn to balance the inputs and administer practical solution. One of the wrong approaches is keeping the employees too much bothered about their performance, thus finally lowering their productivity. Instead, give stress to empowering the employee through inspiration and good resources. This can be a tactful way of improving the productivity of the organization along with valuing the employee inputs.


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