Balancing the Role of Artificial Intelligence and Human’s in the Corporate World, without Overshadowing Each Other

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Balancing the Role of Artificial Intelligence and Human’s in the Corporate World, without Overshadowing Each Other

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no more a term that demands explanation. But the question is that, in what depth it can penetrate into career designation at the corporate level.

Anyhow, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is continuously bringing the flexibility in dependency on the human thus gradually degrading the value on time and work load. Gradually, it is going to transform the role of humans in the corporate work and most possibly grabbing even the C-suite at the management level. On the other side purpose of the AI is to renovate the concept of work and not to do harm to work availability.

The labor efficiency is already creating the slot for jobless future. And so the scopes of misplaced jobs are also increasing. Also today’s working zone is zoomed on the software industry, which requires comparatively less labor force as automation is leading.

When it comes to traditional management, what is the role of AI?

In a way it puts pressure on executives and managers, at least with redefining the roles that they are managing. We all know that the integration of the machine with human activity is increasing day by day, so the changes in the corporate sector are destined to happen. The upgrading effect will be deeply seen on the social intelligence and creativity level.

Anyhow some of the argument regarding the supremacy of human’s, while AI is crawling in:

1) The main purpose in AI is to undertake the routine task thus lessening the human pressure. Some of task that can be done by the AI includes, scheduling, resource allocation and also reporting.

2) Most of the intellectual decisions have to be taken by the managers and AI is to not going to overtake that.

3) Another thing is that, AI is not going to dominate humans in the first place on corporate environment and will keep it reserved for the human’s alone.

4) At the same time AI will improve productivity in many fields. The dominant change can be seen in the HR department. As an example, today some of the AI is being used for evaluating the capability of a fresh applicant. It has been seen that from the inflection of the sound, the emotions or imaginary sense are detected. Subsequently, AI will decide what type of work is suitable for such candidates.

So in such scenario, let us clarify the role of managers and executives in the current AI era.

1) As we mentioned earlier human will remain as the ultimate decision making system. For that they need to get involved in learning data analytics, statistics and different other resources. Anyhow the intensity of the effort will get reduced with the integration with AI.

2) When it comes to coordination with stake holder, no machine can grab the place of human. This is because emotional contribution cannot be exempted in convincing the stake holder regarding a particular decision taken.

3) Human role in creating digital content. It is true that journalism, film making etc. are in a bad phase with the lack of proper content. We know that this cannot be laid with AI completely and so our participation is needed in a deeper level. This is a wide spread field that needs better management from the human participation alone.

4) A specialized skill set cannot be expected from AI, even though the effort is sustaining. That is whenever creativity is on demand, human role always win.

It is impossible to replace leadership frame with AI

Do you think that AI can replace role of a leader? May be some extend like solving out some mechanical issues or finding to problem. Apart from that human’s are not going to leave their dominance to machines. The creativity and leadership of the corporate will always stay with humans.

So in short, we should understand that even though the participation of AI is increasing the demand of human intelligence can never diminish. May be modification regarding the role lead on the managerial level may change and not the necessity. Finally, human’s the creator of AI has the right to decide who dominates the corporate industry. A well balanced participation of both humans and machines are going to mark the strength of the corporate world.


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